Mineral Blue Mars Bow


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1 stencil of 2m2 + 1 mineral color spray

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Usage tips

Kit Color is the ready-to-use combination of Akilux stencils and: 

  • Mineral Color, for mineral support (road, driveway, concrete, etc.),
  • Vegetal Color dye, for plant support (lawn, hedge),

for the realization of your evening or event entertainment.

For more details on our recommendations for use and dosages, visit our page Color Kit.

Choose the pattern (drawing, text, logo, etc.) to reproduce, in the form of an image file (JPG, PNG, PDF). This image will be cut out on ready-to-use stencils. 

You will receive stencils and coloring within 1 to 2 weeks. 

They are very simple to apply: put the stencil (s) in the chosen location, apply the paint, allow to dry. It is done.

Many fantasies are possible, see our examples in the blog & advice section.

The stencils are reusable several times. To keep them, put the cuts back in their place and store in the original packaging.


The stencils are available in: 

Ideal for : 

  • Professional events: corporate communication, sporting event, sponsors, etc.
  • Birthday parties, weddings, events (Pink October, Halloween, Saint Patrick), 

The benefits of the Kit Color stencil product: 

  • Chemically inert,
  • Non-toxic: product also used in contact with food,
  • 100% recyclable,
  • Reusable stencils,


For the choice of dyes, refer to the products Mineral Color and Vegetal Color.

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