Why watch out for drought

L’eau est une ressource abondante et précieuse. Et rare.


of the global resource is in the form of fresh water. Fresh water is found: in the form of a glacier (approximately 69%), in underground form (approximately 30%). Only 0.4 % of the fresh water resource is visible as water available on the surface (lakes, soil, atmosphere, rivers, wetlands).


of the earth's surface is water


only water on Earth is directly accessible to humans.

Drought project

Nos produits Vegetal Color économisent l’eau. Nous avons décidé d’aller plus loin.

EdenColor lance un projet de surveillance de la sécheresse pour la période 2020/2025.

We believe that resource conservation is an important topic. We offset the carbon footprint of all of our transport and digital activities.

Water is an essential subject: an abundant and scarce resource, water is the source of all life on Earth. Drought is a phenomenon of water shortage, local and temporary, to meet human needs.

We have decided to engage, over several years, in actions in favor of water monitoring. Follow our project and contribute by registering.

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