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Games in the garden, chess, checkerboards, twister, children's surprise

Lawn Chess

Budget: from 132 €

Area : 2 to 50 m2

Thanks to Kit Color and its complete palette of available colors, multiple possibilities are available to you to decorate the garden for a family or friendly event.

A single stencil is enough to make this checkerboard game.

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A white or yellow undercoat allows half of the boxes to be made. The pre-drilled square-shaped stencil allows you to make over the black boxes.

Completion time: around 1 hour.

Products to use: 1 stencil, two colors (yellow + black or white + black), VEGETAL product (lasts several weeks) or MINERAL product (can be removed with pressurized water)

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Vegetal Colors €99.99 TTC

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Kit Color : Damier €158 TTC