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What is a water dye?

Aqua Color is a colorant for water spas, pools, fountains and aquariums.

The color is ephemeralIt is safe for humans, animals, fabrics and coatings, and technical equipment. The effect is immediate and can be stopped immediately by chlorination.

How does it work ?

Aqua Color is a patented process of ephemeral coloring of bathing water.

Combining technical performance and respect for the fragility of the environment and human beings, especially children, Aqua color offers a range of very high quality coloring.

Diluted, Aqua color does not stain. Aqua color does not alter the quality, the balance or the transparency of the water. The water dye, once diluted, has no effect on fabrics, does not stain the skin. Aqua color diluted has no effect on the pool equipment, be it the liner or the filtration nozzles.

The colored water is safe for children to swim in, and drinking it has no health implications. No possibility of intoxication by ingestion.