Budget: less than 3 € per shrub, depending on its size

The Boxwood moth is a pest of boxwood. Accidentally imported from Asia, it invaded the gardens of France in a few years. 

The Vegetal Color coloring gives your boxwood a natural and uniform color, to mask the effects of the moth. Vegetal Color is not a moth control treatment.

Its natural and stimulating components will form a protective veil against aggressions and resist bad weather, for a stable result over time. It can last for several years on slow growing plants.

Easy to apply and odorless, the coloring is harmless to children, animals and the environment. 

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Clean the boxwood (moth, cobwebs, waste, etc.)

Mix 1 liter of product, 2 liters of water and spray.

Consumption: about 30 boxwood of 0.50m. 

Completion time: <1 hour

Healthy and sustainable product

Some customers applied it 3 years ago, and it still holds

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Vegetal Color: Green (1 Liter)
€ 66 tax incl.

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