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A world of color, of garden, of exteriors. Brighten, create, make beautiful and take care of its environment.

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Eden Color was born from an American adventure; that of a Silicon Valley chemical entrepreneur designing products with a low environmental footprint. The idea made it all the way to France, thanks to a young graduate who set up the brand, and gave it its first key clients.

The adventure continues today in Europe, with the participation of two more entrepreneurs, Pascal and Rémi, who have always had links to the worlds of gardening and printing.

Outdoor printing is at the heart of Eden Color.

Our activities

Color of course. But not only.

EdenColor serves individuals and professionals. We supply natural dyes for plants (grass, hedges, trees and shrubs), aquatic dyes (swimming pools, spas, basins, fountains, aquariums) and dyes for mineral support (road, concrete, etc.).

Our products are safe for humans, animals and the environment. We bring colour to the environment, but that's not all. Our Vegetal products improve the plant's strength (27% activity gain, as measured by an independent laboratory specialising in professional turf).

Did you know that an active lawn recycles twice as much CO2 as a deciduous forest (oaks, etc.) that occupies the same area? Or that 1 000 m2 of turf produces enough oxygen for 16 people, and recycles the CO2 of 3 cars?


Our dyes are clear about their composition and their impact. Unlike many of our competitors’ products, they do not contain ingredients that are dangerous to humans or the environment, or even animals.


Our plant dyes save water (70% to 80% of the water we use is to make a lawn green). In times of drought alert, they save tickets. We even designed a service for that.


Our plant dyes stimulate plant activity, and our aquatic dyes are active in a matter of minutes, and also disappear in minutes.









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A notre échelle, nous avons décidé de contribuer : en surfant sur ce site, et pour toutes vos commandes, vous consommez 0 g de CO2.

We are humble and believe that progress defines us.

We are humble, and believe that progress is our way.

In 2020, we implemented a compensation program of our carbon emissions. Our digital activities are thus compensated at 200%.

In 2021, we will launch a water monitoring service. Individuals can benefit from a prototype of this future service from 2020.

That's why saving water is important !

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The people behind Eden Color


is a young graduate and citizen of the world. Native to Morocco, studied in Italy and now working in France, he specializes in geography and the environment (natural resources, risks, water, oceanology, hydrogeology). Our drought strategy owes a lot to his input.


Rémi was born into a family of printers and sailors. Later he traveled the world as an entrepreneur.


Pascal fell into the gardening and sports sectors as a child. He holidayed following the Tour de France with Robert Chapatte, Jean-Paul Brouchon, Ocana, Merckx, Thevenet, Hinault and Fignon. Later, he ran companies producing organic goods for the garden. Eden Color is also a culmination for him. He brings his strong values to the company: family, health, kindness.


Always passionate about graphic arts and design, Léa has become an enthusiastic participant in the Eden Color adventure. During her studies, colour came knocking on her door: she became a specialist and achieved her diploma as a colourist-designer. It is through projects like Eden Color that she lets her multidisciplinary creativity shine through. She sees Eden Color as a contemporary creative outlet.


Passionate about the beauty of nature and its colours, Sophie is excited to contribute to the success of Eden Color. She brings her role as creative director with her agency, What'zhat, and her creative touch to this project. The concept is voluntary original and caring-full.

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