What is it ?

Dyes for lawns, hedges, shrubs. An instant freshness cure.

The Vegetal Color preparation is a coloring to instantly revive plants such as lawns, hedges, palm trees, thuja, yew, boxwood, etc.

A true concentrate based on natural products, it is safe for humans, the environment and animals.

Vegetal Color exists in 8 colors including 2 green specially designed to give a beautiful color to plants:

    • Green for light plants (eg grass)
    • Dark Green for darker plants (eg Thuja, palm trees)
    • The two can easily be mixed to achieve the desired green.

To do this, proceed by testing on small quantities.

The result is semi-permanent: it is the vegetation which, as it grows, removes the product, just like hair coloring.


Sustainable. Efficient. Simple and economical.

The benefits of this concentrate: 


    • Durable: the coloring is resistant to bad weather,
    • Aesthetics: improves pigmentation (+ 12%) and aesthetic appearance (+ 22%),
    • Stimulant: improves photosynthetic activity (+ 27%),
    • Simple: 3 ingredients only - water (70%), organic plant-based pigments (20%), acrylic polymers (<10%)
    • Easy: dilutes in water and applies with a sprayer,
    • Economical: a lawn can require up to 8 liters of water per m2. With 1 liter of Vegetal Color and 8 liters of water, we cover up to 200 m2.
    • Anti-drought weapon: in these increasingly frequent periods (learn more about drought), watering is prohibited. You can still keep a nice hedge, using scavenged water. With 1 liter of Eden Color Turf and only 6 liters of water, up to 70 m2 of hedge can be treated, i.e. 35 linear meters for a normal height of 2 meters (see advice sheet),
    • Harmless: for humans, the environment and animals,
    • Scentless.

How does it work ?

A concentrate of benefits. Specially designed to beautify plants.

Safe and efficient products, turf, lawn

The Vegetal Color concentrate has been tested by LaboSport, for the most demanding customers in terms of functionality, aesthetics and ecology. LaboSport is an independent laboratory, world leader in technical advice on surfaces and sports equipment.

Vegetal Color consists of polymers (for adhesion to the plant), algae-based pigments (color, benefits), and simply water.

In addition, the plant consumes 70% less water for the same result.

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