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From 40.99 Tax incl.
From 40.99 Tax incl.

How to make up for a yellowed lawn by 2 hours only ?

Why is your lawn yellow ?

A lawn turns yellow for two main reasons:

  1. Drought
  2. Diseases during the seasons

A yellow lawn is not
dead lawn

Often, during periods of high temperature, your soil becomes depleted and lacks hydration, which results in consequence of this is that your lawn dries out. It ends up yellowing.

Even if your lawn is yellow, it does'nt mean that it's dead !

The roots are not damaged by sun or heat.

Your lawn is still alive and well despite its yellowed complexion.

A lawn is a fragile plant

Diseases are often due to climatic conditions.

For example, Fusariosis appear after a long periods of snow.

There are many ways to revive your lawn! Such as fertilizers and/or protection products called "biostimulant".

Grass is a fragile plant that requires regular observation and maintenance to prevent it from dying.

A green lawn
regardless of the weather

There are natural dyes. They are used by sports clubs and professionals to have a and professionals to have a green lawn at all times. There are also formats adapted to the use of private individuals.

Revive the color of your

There are lawn dyes that will instantly revive your lawn.

They are totally natural (made from algae) and safe for humans and the environment.

They revive your lawn and promote the resumption of its growth up to 27% (data from tests conducted by an independent laboratory: LABOSPORT).

And above all it saves water resources.

A second youth
for your lawn

Much more than a dye, it offers a second youth to your garden!

You can therefore give a green color to your lawn without having to water it (beneficial during periods of restrictions).

It will impress your friends when they visit you.