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How to flock a tree?

Discover the Winter Color tree flock and decorate your tree with fake snow. The fir flock also works as an artificial snow for outdoor to use.

Winter Color is a flocking solution to decorate plants or minerals. 

It gives a snow effect to the surface it is applied to, whether plant (fir, shrub, tree, hedge, lawn) or mineral (stone, décor).

Adjustable dosage, from a simple white veil to the volume effect.

Composed of a mixture of starch, cellulose paste, and sodium, it is not dangerous for humans or the environment.

Flocking a tree

Take care of your exterior like never before, EdenColor accompanies you.

1 - Preparation

Cover the ground to protect the surroundings, and also recover any fallen product in order to reuse it.

2 - Moisten

Spray water on the support (fir, grass, rock, etc.) in order to moisten it to allow the activation of the glue.

3 - Apply

Spread the flocking on the support. Repeat the operation to cover the whole. The more product there is, the greater the thickness will be.

4 - Let dry

Once the application is complete, let dry 1 to 2 hours. There you have it, you know how to flock a tree with Winter Color!