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Usage tips

Winter color is a flocking powder natural, to decorate any plant support (fir, shrub, tree, hedge, lawn) or mineral (stone, decoration). 

In a few minutes, it gives a SNOW effect to its support. 

Composed of a mixture of starch, cellulose pulp, and sodium, it is harmless to humans or the environment, and is eliminated with water.

For more details on our recommendations for use and dosages, visit our page winter color.

The result is ephemeral or semi-permanent (if protected by a final Vegetal Color WHITE coat). 

Ideal for : 

  • Decorations for gardens, lawns, firs, rocks, etc.
  • Volume effect adjustable according to the quantity of product

The benefits of Winter Color: 

  • Recyclable: the non-toxic components of the activator make it possible to recycle plants (eg Christmas tree)
  • Durable: 1 to 3 months (protected by a final Vegetal Color WHITE coat),
  • Erasable: can be removed by rinsing with plenty of water,
  • Aesthetics: offers several finishes with the same product, depending on the quantity deposited (see Tips),
  • Simple: 3 ingredients only - starch, cellulose, sodium,
  • Easy: moisten the support, apply the powder, the effect is fast,
  • Economical: 10 kg of solution can treat two whole fir trees 4.5m high,
  • Harmless: for humans, the environment and animals,
  • Scentless.
  • Applies indoors and outdoors.

The powder can also be: 

  • Covered with our Vegetal Color White product, to protect it durably from rainwater outdoors,
  • Added to other decorative elements (eg glitter). 

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 25 cm

1 kg, 10 kg


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