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Usage tips

The Vegetal Color preparation is a coloring for plants. 

Real concentrate based on natural products, it is safe for humans, the environment and animals.

For more details on our recommendations for use and dosages, visit our page vegetal color.

It exists in 2 green colors (LIGHT and DARK) plus 6 basic colors (RED, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE, ORANGE, YELLOW). The colors are mixed to obtain any color (PINK, BROWN, PURPLE, etc.). 

The result is semi-permanent: it is the vegetation which, as it grows, removes the product, just like hair coloring.


Ideal for : 

  • Professional events: corporate communication, sporting event, sponsor logo, etc.
  • Private events: birthday, wedding, cousinade, 
  • Games: checkerboard, hopscotch, twister, etc.


The benefits of this concentrate: 

  • 8 basic colors (White, Green, Dark Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Black), and an infinite number of combinations (Pink, Brown, Purple, etc.),
  • Durable: the coloring is resistant to rainwater,
  • Erasable: to remove the color, iron a layer of Vegetal Color (Green and / or Dark Green) on the surface,
  • Aesthetic,
  • Stimulant: improves photosynthetic activity (+ 27%),
  • Simple: 3 ingredients only - water, organic pigments, acrylic polymers,
  • Easy: dilutes in water and applies with a sprayer,
  • Economical: 1 liter of product can color 15 to 30 m2, depending on the colors chosen and the color of the support,
  • Harmless: for humans, the environment and animals,
  • Scentless.

The Kit Color product, which combines dyes and stencils, allows tailor-made creations. Unlimited imagination.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20 cm

Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White


1 L, 4 L


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