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Case studies

Vegetal Color


Blagnac Project

On the occasion of the 2017 Tour de France, the city of Blagnac carried out one of the biggest projects we have done to date:

Letters of 2.3 meters, Bicycle of 165 m2,

More than 600 m2 of covered area.

The starting logo is as follows. The implantation study was made to fit harmoniously in the allocated space: the botanical garden of the Bishopric.

Le projet offrait deux possibilités : fond blanc ou fond vert, pour faire ressortir les autres couleurs. La difficulté était de positionner les éléments entre eux, au centimètre près, afin que les équipes de la Ville puissent réaliser le projet elles-mêmes.

Tour de France Project

Product tested by LaboSport for professional sports turf

The Montpellier stadium was the scene of one of our biggest projects:

The start logo was designed with the city, for the hosting of one of the stages of the Tour de France 2016.

The final logo is an assembly of a message (MONTPELLIER CAPITALE SPORT), a symbol (the cyclist), and a logo from the metropolis.

It was decided to exploit the good visibility of white on a green background, with a lawn in very good condition, without the need for a green underlay.

The stadium allowed a laser to be mounted on the roof.

This technique generates the final logo on the lawn for coloring.

It is also less expensive than the stencil system.


Project in Béziers

Lawn care is an important task in maintaining a pleasant looking green space.

We have experienced this in the city of Béziers, our product Vegetal Color clear was used to improve the appearance of this lawn.

This technique gives a uniform and natural look to the grass by camouflaging brown and yellowed areas.

Our dye is non-toxic and is applied evenly for optimal results.

Mineral Color

Logo Project

During the Tour de France, the logos on the ground are an integral part of the show.

We use Mineral Color, a lead-free, cadmium-free, aroma-free, chalk-based acrylic paint that comes in a 400 mL spray can and is designed for outdoor use.

The organizers of the Tour de France take care to ensure that these logos are clearly visible and spectators easily notice them thanks to the aerial camera shots.


Pour la réalisation des logos sur sol, nous avons utilisé des pochoirs AKILUX. Un matériau rigite et très léger à personnaliser comme on le souhaite comme indiqué ici.

Aqua Color

Water coloring project

The products are poured into buffer tanks, and last for several days with proper pH and chlorine control. chlorine control.

The product spreads quickly, and in just a few minutes, it colors the fountain water.
In addition: Aqua Color is an excellent visual way to test the hydraulics of water filtration systems. filtration systems.

It allows you to measure the flow speed of the water, and to see the areas that would be be less covered than others.


Saint Patrick Project

On the occasion of Saint Patrick's Day, a famous European amusement park has colored its pools 

in the color of the party: GREEN. Here it is made with a 1/1 mixture of Aqua Color 

MANGO (Yellow) and OCEAN (blue). 


The mixture is poured into the plant's buffer tank, and the product spreads 

quickly. In a few minutes it colors the water of the pond. 


With a controlled pH and chlorine level, the animation lasts more than 7 days (application 

6 days before SAINT PARTRICK).