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Do you have a lawn that turns a little too yellow?

And have you ever used expensive fertilizers to have a perfect lawn, but no real success?

Especially in summer when the heat and water restrictions prevent the maintenance of a green lawn.

But you really want to be satisfied when you look out of your living room window. So, Vegetal Color is the ideal preparation to instantly revive and repair:

  • Your lawn (drought or damage caused by animals, games, swimming pool, etc.)
  • Your hedges (thuja, yew, cypress, palm trees, boxwood moth, etc.) damaged by diseases or gardening or cutting accidents.

And restore a uniform color to your exteriors by eliminating light or dark spots.

Végétal Color is used by golf professionals, sports stadiums, hotels or even campsites to always have a uniform and green lawn regardless of hazards (disease, drought, etc.)

Our application tips:

Végétal Color, apply to dry plants and in dry and windless weather. You can use any type of sprayer. For better longevity, we recommend a filter sprayer, to filter any deposits that may be present in the bottle.

For the application, shake well (45 seconds) because there may be a deposit at the bottom then allow 20 minutes to cover 100 m2.

Protect the surroundings well so as not to paint areas that should not be.

Allow 1-2 hours of drying time after application. Once the paint dries, it is insensitive to bad weather.

Wearing protection, like all paints, it stains.

Once Vegetable Color is sprayed on the plant or lawn and as soon as it is dry, it can be watered or treated, as if nothing had happened.

How much area can you cover with 1 liter of Végétal Color?

1 liter + 6 liters of water = 60 - 80 m2 for brown grass

1 liter + 8 - 10 liters of water = 150 - 200 m2 for green / yellow grass

What is the composition of Végétal Color?

Vegetal Color is composed of water, algae and acrylic polymers. Acrylic polymers are glycols or derivatives, used to fix the product on the plant and protect it.

The acrylic polymers used in our product are the same as those used in sunscreens, food or pharmacy. We use food or cosmetic grade ingredients.

LaboSport, which is an independent laboratory has tested the effects on the most sensitive plant, the sports lawn and concluded that Vegetal Color has a stimulating effect on the plant.

How long does an application of Végétal Color resist on my lawn or hedges?

The product disappears with regrowth, count 3 months for the lawn and 6 months for the plants (may vary depending on the growth and the type of plants). It does not disappear, the product stays for a very long time.

Is Végétal Color resistant to rain?

Yes, once the paint dries, it is insensitive to bad weather. It is a semi-permanent application, Vegetal Color disappears only during regrowth. Végétal Color, apply to dry plants and in dry and windless weather.

What is the impact of Vegetal Color on my plants and my lawn?

It will give a lush look to your garden. The green color gives a perfectly natural rendering for a perfectly homogeneous appearance.

In addition, according to tests carried out by LaboSport, an independent laboratory, Vegetal Color has a real stimulating effect, it improves photosynthetic activity + 27%.

How to choose the perfect shade?

There are an infinite number of greens in nature, we have chosen two of them: a classic lawn green (green), a dark green thuja type (dark green). You can adjust the color by adjusting the dilution of the product (the more diluted the product, the clearer it is, for the perfect shade, dilute gradually) or by mixing the two greens.

What are the delivery times ?

Delivery takes place between 48 and 72 working hours and everywhere in France.

I have a pet, can Végétal Color be dangerous for it?

A true concentrate based on natural elements, it is harmless to humans, the environment and animals. Its composition is completely harmless: Water, algae and acrylic polymers (less than 10%)

They tested it and they testify:

“I am very satisfied with this product. My friends were stunned. Perfect for re-greening the grass scorched in summer by the Corsican sun. ”, Laurent

"I am very satisfied because my hedge was partly brown, ready to be pulled out, and with your product it is perfect like a healthy hedge", Patricia

“Nice discovery to embellish an old hedge, hide dead spots and rejuvenate the whole. I will talk to neighbors with the same problem. ” , Helen

“Super longevity. I put it on cedars in May 2017, and 3 years later it still holds. " Alain

"It's really great and very natural", Marie-France

“Hello, above all I love your product !! Faithful to the photos and videos !!! The tests are conclusive, I have diluted the product in several ways, but for the more complicated palm (smoother and more vertical surface) therefore you need as little liquid as possible. Thanks again. Good afternoon. ", Red

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