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Land Art

Human Nature.

None of the works presented here were made with our products.

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"Beyond Walls" series Copyright SAYPE

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Vegetal Colors €80 TTC

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Mineral Color €12 TTC


Color & History

According to the site, the first trace of color used by humans appears in South Africa, 73,000 years ago. Closer to home, in Europe, the first drawings date back 30,000 years. They already featured the use of stencils, as seen in the Chauvet cave below. Essentially two colors were used: red and black, coming from iron oxide and coal respectively.

EdenColor uses the same principles: natural products and stencils, more than 30,000 years later. Moreover, 30,000 years later, we carried out a project above this same cave.

Chauvet cave

References :

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Kit Color : Liberté €158 TTC

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Kit Color : Étoile €80 TTC