I'ISCT (Higher Institute of Commerce of Toulouse) used the services ofEdenColor on the occasion of Blue March. Indeed, the ISCT wished to support the League Against Cancer displaying the event logo.

In addition, EdenColor has partnered with the Haute-Garonne Cancer League for Mars Blue. After a first successful partnership duringPink October, we renewed the operation! Mars Bleu is a campaign to promote the colorectal cancer screening.

EdenColor ISCT Mars Blue

To learn more about Mars Bleu click here !

Installation of ISCT + Mars Bleu logos

Thus, it is three logos that we have placed, one in front of the main entrance and two others inside the premises. We made these logos thanks to Mineral Color (chalk-based spray) and our stencils. Our stencils are made in akilux and therefore 100 recyclable %. They were also custom made for demand.

After cleaning the surface and removing the pre-cut places, we set up the stencil. We advise to maintain them with scotch tape. We then applied Mineral Color uniformly and evenly over the entire pattern. Last step, we let it dry to obtain the expected result. For your creations, let the product dry for about an hour. Finally, we were able to remove the stencils and put them away. During these installations, you keep the stencils and can reuse them as many times as you want, they are yours.

logo isct mars blue mineral color
isct mars logo in mineral blue color inside

Regarding the quantities of Mineral Color used, we used a bomb and a half. A bomb of Mineral Color of 400 ml covers an area of approximately 1.5 m².

Consult our range of products dedicated to Mars Bleu by clicking here !

This spray is also eco-friendly since it is an acrylic paint based on lead, cadmium and aroma free chalk. The acrylics used are non-toxic given their use in cosmetics and food.

Anys information on Mineral Color by clicking here!

EdenColor thanks theISCT for his participation in Mars Blue and the confidence in this project.

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