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How long do EdenColor products last?
Our plant products last 1 to 2 months, our aquatic products up to 7 days, and mineral products a few days. In all three cases, they can be removed quickly: by a new application (plant products), by adding chlorine (aquatic products), or by washing with water (mineral products).
Does the composition of EdenColor products respect the environment, are they safe for the health of my family?
None of the ingredients used present a danger for humans or the environment. Our products have been tested by an international environmental agency, an independent laboratory and marine biologists (aquatic products).

What is more, we have adopted a policy of carbon offsetting our activities: our digital channels are offset at 200%, and our transport at 100%.

Our products have been tested by the most demanding laboratories or users:

- Environmental Protection Agency

- Independent laboratory LaboSport

- Aquarium biologists

They present no danger for the environment (fauna and flora), nor for humans. Refer to the safety data sheets.

Where can I find a product user guide?
With each product, you will find its advice for use (handling, preparation, application, storage, recycling).
Is Aqua Color likely to stain my swimming pool, my liner, my swimsuit?
Absolutely not. Once diluted, the product does not stain. The product is designed to be compatible with standard pool coverings: liner, tiles, etc. It does not stain them, and disappears after chlorination. It has also been tested on swimwear, hair, and even aquarium fish by a biologist. He does not try. However, in its concentrated form, it can stain absorbent materials: wood, clothing, etc.
What quantities to order?
For each product we give the necessary quantities, often in m2. Vegetal Color restores a beautiful green color. The final quantity will depend on the initial quality of the grass or the hedge. See the tables in the usage tips. Aqua Color is dosed according to the volume of water and especially the depth of the pool, because there is an effect linked to the depth. All products can be stored and can be reused. You can therefore store the excess after having cleaned them well (see conditions of use).
How to properly prepare your product (dilute correctly, mix well, etc.)
Each of our products is provided with user tips that explain how to prepare for the application, dilute the product and process it. When it comes to dyes, the first tip is to mix them well.
How to store the products after opening?
Each of our products has a safety sheet which indicates the handling and storage conditions. Let's say that Vegetal Color products keep for a long time, as long as they are stirred regularly. Mineral Color products are those that keep the shortest time.
How to prepare your basic support for optimal efficiency?

The advice for use indicates how to properly prepare the substrate before application. We've also added some "pro tips" to further enhance the desired effect.

Are the products resistant to bad weather (rain in particular) and how do they change over time?

All of our products are ephemeral. Vegetal Color is weather resistant and lasts a few weeks (grass), up to a few years (hedges). They are similar to hair coloring: the growth of the plant will eliminate their effects. Aqua Color holds for a few hours up to 7 days depending on the level of chlorine and pH. It is eliminated within minutes by shock chlorination. Mineral Color is a chalk based product. It withstands passages, and lasts a few days. It is washed off with water, and disappears with heavy rains.

Does the Vegetal Color product treat diseases?

Absolutely not. Vegetal Color is not a treatment for diseases. It simply masks their effects (eg boxwood moth, rust, hedge cuts that show brown parts).

How do you find the right shade of green?

Our products add color to the exterior. It is not possible to guarantee an exact final color, which depends on the dilution and the color of the substrate. It's like coloring a piece of paper with a red marker. If the paper is white or another color, the end result will not be the same. For green, we have two shades, light and dark. They can mix to find a specific green.

How to properly protect the surroundings of the area to be treated and clean in case of burrs?

As these are dyes, our products can stain their surroundings or clothing. Remember to protect yourself and protect the surroundings before application. A cardboard sheet is a good solution, for example for the surroundings (terraces, walls, paths, stones). For people, gloves for the hands, mask on the face, boots or plastic shoes. Once applied and dry, they no longer stain.

The product works on which species of hedges?

Vegetal Color is ideal for treating the effects of pests, diseases, or cuts on hedges. They restore their green color to damaged hedges. It has been used successfully on thuja, cypress, yew, palm, boxwood. It can work on conifers in general, which are absorbent. For some species (eg laurels) it is more difficult: the concentrate must be able to "adhere" to the plant. Contact us if in doubt.

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