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Dry or yellow grass, dry or yellowed lawn, save water, paint

Green and thrifty grass

Budget: from 66 €, depending on the surface

A natural and sustainable product, Vegetal Color is a coloring for plants based on algae. Perfect in times of drought, it allows you to maintain a green grass despite the high temperatures and water restrictions.

Here, by the sea where the lawn is attacked by salt, it was damaged. Vegetal Color gave it back a beautiful appearance in less than an hour, and for several weeks.

After mowing the lawn, and removing dead leaves, waste, etc., apply 1 L of Vegetal Color Green diluted with water.

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A 1 L container of Vegetal Color covers an area ranging from 100 to 200 m², depending on the state of the plant support.

During application, protect the surroundings (terrace), and wear protective gloves (coloring product).

Using a sprayer, apply the product to the entire surface of the lawn. In the present case, we have set 30 minutes to cover the entire lawn evenly.

Subsequently, it is necessary let the product dry for a period ranging from 1 to 2 hours depending on weather conditions.

This achievement was made for a budget of only 80 €. This sum is then partly made profitable by the water savings that you make when you do not water your lawn.

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After only a few minutes, we find a green grass and a beautiful garden. Staining is weather resistant and naturally washes out over time as the lawn regrows.

Do you find this green too light? No problem, we've got you covered. Vegetal Color Dark Green is available in store!

Vegetal Color is also available in 6 other colors in click here !

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Vegetal Color : Vert (1 Litre) €84.99 TTC

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Vegetal Color : Vert foncé (1 Litre) €84.99 TTC