Paint your logo with Kit Color?

Paint your logo with the EdenColor Color Kit, the ready-to-use combination of Akilux stencils and:


  • Mineral Color, for mineral support (road, driveway, concrete, etc.),
  • Vegetal Color dye, for vegetable support (lawn, hedge), for the realization of your evening or event animations. Choose the motif (drawing, text, logo, etc.) to reproduce, in the form of an image file (JPG, PNG, PDF). This image will be cut from ready-to-use stencils. You receive stencils and coloring within 1 to 2 weeks.

Ideas ?

Go ahead and switch to color, too.

Tips for using EdenColor Color Kit

The Color Kit EdenColor are very easy to use: place the stencil (s) in the chosen location, apply the paint, let it dry. It is done.



Clean the surface by removing waste (small pebbles, etc.) that may interfere with the application of the product.
Detach the stencil at the pre-cut locations, holding on to the other parts(see video)).



Put the stencil in place and apply Mineral Color.


3 - TIP

The stencil can be cleaned and reused for your other creations with our Color Kits.


Create my decor with EdenColor products

  Applicable for all colours              

  Size of stencils: 1 stencil allows you to carry out a project of 2 m2

The PRO tip: Keep the parts hollowed out, put them back in their place in the stencil, and store in the original packaging.

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