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What is that ? Logo creation on the road

Achievements possible with Mineral Color: road logo, paint logo and lots of possibilities.

Mineral Color is a acrylic paint chalk-based, for mineral support (road, concrete, earth, etc.). 

The result is fleeting; it lasts a few days, washes off with water, and is removed by pressure cleaning.

    • Acrylic paint, lead-free, cadmium-free, aroma-free,
    • Quick drying: around 15 minutes depending on the temperature and in dry weather,
    • Erasable: elimination of the product by pressure cleaning,
    • Durable: can last several days, if not subjected to rain,
    • Economical: 400 ml can cover approximately 1.5 m2.

How does it work ?

route us 66 logo

Mineral Color is a spray in a spray of 400 ml, based on chalk.

It is designed for outdoor use.

Whether free-standing or in combination with our Kit Color stencils, press it and you're done.

There are many possible supports, as long as they are stable and non-porous: road, concrete, tiles, gravel, mulch, etc.


Let your imagination run wild, Mineral Color takes care of the rest.

Our products to make a logo on the road

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Tips on how to make a logo on the road

sweep the ground for road logo


    •   Clear the supports of any waste, object, pebble, leaf, etc.
    •   Clean if necessary at the location of the logo.
    •   Set up the stencil.
Road logo realization


    •   Work in dry weather conditions (no wind or rain).
    •   Stir the aerosol well before use.
    •   Apply the product evenly and evenly.
    •   After application, leave to dry for 1 hour.
recycling road logo

3 - TIP

    •   Stencils are reusable
road logo with mineral color / color kit


  Applicable for all colours              

 1 can of 400 ml covers 1.3 - 1.5 m2

The PRO tip: high pressure cleaning to remove the product

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