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Paint, color a damaged cypress, discolored cypress trees

Renovate a cypress

Budget: for less than 10 € / tree depending on their size

Natural and sustainable product.

In this case, a cypress had suffered from too much watering. It is possible that a cypress takes its colors during the attack of pests (red spider, canker, etc.). 

Vegetal Color gave it back a beautiful appearance in less than ten minutes. Several months later, the plant is still covered.

Vegetal Color is not a treatment product for diseases, only their consequences. 

After cleaning the cypress, 1 liter of Vegetal Color product was applied (covers 5 to 10 cypress trees 2 m high, depending on the state of the plant).

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During the application wear gloves and protection (coloring product).

Application time: 10 minutes

Drying time: 1-2 hours

Vegetal Color is supplied in two shades of GREEN, so you can make the exact color yourself by combining GREEN and DARK GREEN.

Some of our customers have experimented for several years on low-growing plants.

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Vegetal Color : Vert (1 Litre) €84.99 TTC

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Vegetal Color : Vert foncé (1 Litre) €84.99 TTC