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Logo on the road, company, community

Color & route

Area : 2 to 50 m2

Budget: from 78 €


On the occasion of the Tour de France, a city wishes to produce its logo on the road, for its promotion to viewers.

The initial logo is as follows. 

Automatically generated image containing silhouette, hydrant, umbrella Description

It will be carried out with a red coloring, for good visibility on the road. Several variants are introduced: white background, different texts.

The study is made for 3 final dimensions on the road: 2.3m, 3.3m, 4.1m. 

The stencil work consists of cutting the image into rectangles of 1.2m x 1.6m. Depending on the desired final size, the number of stencils varies: 

  • 3 stencils for 2.3 m
  • 4 stencils for 3.3 m
  • 5 stencils for 4.1 m

Installation is done at night so as not to hamper circulation. The safety of the teams is ensured by the municipal police services.

An image containing road, exterior, sidewalk, street Description automatically generated
An image containing red, interior, bearing, full Description automatically generated

Depending on the size, such a project costs between 30 and 50 € per logo, stencils, coloring, transport included, for 15 achievements. 

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Mineral Color €12 TTC

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Kit Color : Ballon €80 TTC