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green algae to color the lawn

ALGAE: from miracles to benefits

Alors que les végétaux ne sont apparus qu’il y a 500 Millions d’années, la plus ancienne algue vient d’être découverte : 1,2 Milliard d’années. L’algue est donc l’ancêtre de toute la vie verte que nous connaissons aujourd’hui (1). 1 milliard d‘années plus tard, elle pourrait aussi sauver le climat en captant le CO2 de l’atmosphère.

Chez EdenColor, nous utilisons l’algue depuis 10 ans, pour colorer la pelouse, et économiser l’eau d’arrosage. Découvrez son histoire.

The story begins more than 10 years ago, in California, when we worked on how to recover algae residues from a local industry. The algae had a strong coloring, close to that of the lawn, and a strong smell of iodine. The manufacturers did not know what to do with it.

We had the idea to make it a beneficial product for the lawn.

The lawn is an ornamental plant, which consumes 4 to 8 L of water per day and per m². In normal season, this quantity of water is brought mainly by rain. But in the dry season, rainwater is scarce, and in California water is scarce.

We created the first eco-responsible lawn paint based on algae. Its function is to make a beautiful lawn in all circumstances (drought, disease, etc.), while saving water in the event of a lack of water (70-80% less watering for a green lawn).

The product has established itself very well, with individuals and professionals. A few years later, we opened up Europe to the subject.

coloring the lawn with algae


Application Vegetal Color: Green - Before / AfterMore than 1000 clients later we have drifted another product darker than the initial GREEN, for hedges, in particular of thuja.




























For 10 years, we have constantly worked to stabilize this “living” product: food grade dyes, acrylic polymers from sunscreens, food grade gum stabilizers, etc. 

There are no dangerous compounds in our products, their safety data sheet is blank, and we only use ingredients from the cosmetic and food industries.

The independent laboratory LaboSport has tested our products on the most “demanding” lawns on the market, and even talks about “chlorophyll pigments which act as a bio stimulant”.

Pour faire un produit réellement éco-responsable, nous avons aussi travaillé l’ensemble de la chaîne de production et de livraison :


    • Firstly, the packaging, in the form of a concentrate, so as not to transport water,

    • As well as the packaging, which can be recycled,

    • But also transport, the carbon cost of which is offset,

    • As well as the sale, the carbon cost of which is also offset (at 200%).

Thus per liter, our product is 2 to 3 times more effective than the alternatives, which in addition sometimes contain chemical compounds. 

It is a professional product, used by sports leagues, amusement parks, etc.

You too can discover the power of algae, to give a beautiful color to your plants without digging unnecessarily in the planet's water reserves.

(1) Céline DELUZARCHE in Futura Planète on February 26, 2020.

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