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Colorant for swimming pools: Adding a touch of color

Would you like to add a touch of color to your pool? 💧

Nous allons vous expliquez comment AquaColor peut transformer vos piscines, bassins, fontaines & spas en un espace de baignade unique et respectueuses de l’environnement. 


The product offers a wide choice of colors to suit your needs.

Whether you want turquoise water like the ocean🟦 or more exotic tones like pink and purple🟪 you can customize its look to your heart's content.

Unlike some colorants, which can alter water quality, AquaColor has been specially designed to maintain the balance of your pool.

So you can enjoy vibrant colors without compromising the health of your aquatic ecosystem.

What's more, the color is ephemeral, harmless to humans, animals, fabrics and coatings, and technical equipment.

– I- Ideal for events 

Whether it's a birthday party, wedding or theme party, AquaColor lets you create a unique atmosphere for every special occasion. Your guests will be delighted with your colorful pool.

AquaColor is easy to use and dose. Simply pour the appropriate amount of colorant into your pool, pond or spa and watch it transform.

The effect is immediate and can be stopped immediately by chlorination.


If necessary, use our Aqua Premio chlorine remover, to be poured into the water 2 to 3 hours before applying the colorant.

  • Aqua Fushia 1
    For the pool

    Aqua Color

    Pools|Basins|Spas|Fountains - 180ML | 1L

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  • For the pool

    Aqua Color: Chlorine Stop 1 L

    Pools|Basins|Spas|Fountains - 1L

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