Budget: less than 2 € per m2

Natural and sustainable product: Vegetal Color is an eco-responsible dye made from seaweed. It is similar to paint for plants with an immediate result.

Some clients have retained the effect for several years on slow growing plants.

In this case, the Thuja hedge was partly brown, due to the different sizes. Vegetal Color gave it back a nice look in less than ten minutes. 3 years later, the plant is still covered.

Hedge diseased before application of paint for plants.

After cleaning the thuja from its broken branches, cobwebs, bird nests, etc., 1 liter of DARK GREEN product is then applied (covers approximately 30 m of 2 m high hedge, depending on the condition plant).

For application wear gloves and protection (dye product). Then, spray the “plant paint” on your hedge (or other plant support) and let it dry.

Application time: 10 minutes

Drying time: 1-2 hours

Cedar hedge plant paint

Painting for plants

Vegetal Color can revive the color of a sick hedge. Many people wonder how to hide a dead hedge or hide a cedar hedge. Indeed, replanting is long and expensive. Vegetal Color is a solution with an instant result and a lower cost.

It also works on a diseased boxwood or a very dry cypress. It can also be used to paint a palm tree that is turning yellow.

The Vegetal Color “vegetable paint” makes it easy to maintain your garden while keeping it bright green. It also helps to fight against drought. By applying Vegetal Color to your lawn, you reduce the water needs of your lawn.

To learn more about it, click here!

Painting for plants is a practice that comes from the United States (California). It makes it possible to deal with environmental problems encountered such as drought.

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Vegetal Color: Dark green (1 Liter)
€ 66 tax incl.

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