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EdenColor: Painting for grass lawn hedge piscine

Offrir à vos végétaux une cure de couleur. Peinture pour herbe.

Quel produit répond à votre besoin ?

Quel produit
répond à votre besoin ?

Quale prodotto
soddisfa le vostre esigenze?

Quel produit
répond à votre besoin ?

Welches Produkt
entspricht Ihrem Bedarf?

Plant metamorphoses

Discover the changes in our before-and-after plant projects.
Avant-gazon Après-gazon
haie avant haie après

Steps of application

How to apply our product in just a few steps.


Shake !

the product for 45 seconds


Pour !

the liquid in the sprayer


Dilute !

the product with water (5 to 8 liters of water)


Apply !

ale on your lawn or hedges


Questions everybody are asking for

Green for light plants, typically lawn. Dark green for dark plants, typically some thuja and palm trees. Finally, it is possible to mix them to obtain a precise green.

Our plant products last 1 to 2 months, our aquatic products up to 7 days, and mineral products a few days.

In all three cases, they can be removed quickly: by a new application (plant products), by adding chlorine (aquatic products), or by washing with water (mineral products).

The Vegetal Color product can last up to 4 months on lawns, in drought periods, and several months or even years on hedges.

None of the ingredients used present a danger for humans or the environment.

What is more, we have adopted a policy of carbon offsetting our activities: our digital channels are offset at 200%, and our transport at 100%.

Our products have been tested by the most demanding laboratories or users:

- Environmental Protection Agency

- Independent laboratory LaboSport

- Aquarium biologists

They present no danger for the environment (fauna and flora), nor for humans. Refer to the safety data sheets.

With each product, you will find its advice for use (handling, preparation, application, storage, recycling).

Customer reviews

Very satisfactory
Lire plus
Very satisfied with the products of EdenColor, I recommend ! 
Great !
Lire plus
Keep a beautiful garden without watering during the dry season. Smart and up-to-date system. I recommend.
Sustainable product
Lire plus
I have been using this product for 2 years on my boxwoods. Very nice result, as much in the duration as in the rendering. I recommend it.
Good advices
Lire plus
Very satisfied with the products I received that the owner advised me. If you want to revive your plants, don't hesitate to ask them for advice!
Lire plus
Very satisfied with the product, fast shipping, very professional and responsive after sales service on questions of use. I recommend it.

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