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A PERFECT LAWN VEGETAL COLOR Vegetal Color makes it possible to give a natural and uniform color to a lawn, a garden or a park. SHOW ME A REFRESHED HEDGE VEGETAL COLOR find out how to revive your hedge in less than 10 minutes. SHOW ME The boxwood moth erased VEGETAL COLOR Find out how to give your boxwood a natural color. SHOW ME SAVE A VALUABLE RESOURCE DROUGHT ALERTS A drought alert system to be informed about water restrictions in my area. SHOW ME

Vegetal Color, paint for grass.

Give your plants a color cure. Grass paint.
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grass painting
grass painting

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From maintenance to festivities, a world of pissibility with color.

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Color your exterior by discovering all the products EdenColor, applicable on vegetable support (grass paint), mineral and aquatic.

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Questions everybody are asking for

Which green to choose?
Green for light plants, typically lawn. Dark green for dark plants, typically some thuja and palm trees. Finally, it is possible to mix them to obtain a precise green.
How long do EdenColor products last?
Our plant products last 1 to 2 months, our aquatic products up to 7 days, and mineral products a few days.

In all three cases, they can be removed quickly: by a new application (plant products), by adding chlorine (aquatic products), or by washing with water (mineral products).

The Vegetal Color product can last up to 4 months on lawns, in drought periods, and several months or even years on hedges.

Does the composition of EdenColor products respect the environment?
None of the ingredients used present a danger for humans or the environment.

What is more, we have adopted a policy of carbon offsetting our activities: our digital channels are offset at 200%, and our transport at 100%.

Our products have been tested by the most demanding laboratories or users:

- Environmental Protection Agency

- Independent laboratory LaboSport

- Aquarium biologists

They present no danger for the environment (fauna and flora), nor for humans. Refer to the safety data sheets.

How do we implement them?
With each product, you will find its advice for use (handling, preparation, application, storage, recycling).

"Perfect for re-greening boxwood damaged by the boxwood moth (caterpillar)."



about Vegetal Color

“Super longevity. I put it on Thuja in May 2017, and 3 years later it still holds. "



about Vegetal Color

“I am very satisfied with this product. My friends were amazed. Perfect for re-greening the grass scorched in summer by the Corsican sun. "



about Vegetal Color for lawn

"Thank you for the prompt processing of last minute orders."



at Apollonia Art Echanges

"It's really great and very natural."



about Vegetal Color

"It's magic ... A first experience, I have just applied the product and I must also proceed to a new order, one liter was not sufficient ..."



about Vegetal Color

"I am very satisfied because my hedge was partly brown, ready to be pulled out and with your product it is perfect as a healthy hedge."



about Vegetal Color

“The product was used to re-green certain areas of the equestrian center’s main grounds for the 5-star CSI. We are under drought and we used this solution for areas where we could water. ”


City of Dinard

about Vegetal Color

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